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The photo paper can be divided into two types: coated and uncoated. The coated one is the most favorable type because it has better image quality, higher resolution, wider color gamut and more accurate color reproduction. There are several coating techniques available for photo paper; each with its own unique characteristics.

Photo paper is usually used with dye-based inks and works well for printing digital images on an inkjet printer. This media type offers excellent results on both matte and glossy papers, but it’s more expensive than regular copy paper.

Print Your Photos like a Pro using Photo Paper

If you want to print professional photos, use photo paper. Photo paper is 80% glossier than inkjet or laser printer paper and has a higher quality surface that produces high-quality prints. The glossy finish also ensures that the photos don’t lose their color when you place them in frames.

The Printing Process

Color photographic printing processes include analog photography (film), digital photography (direct digital imaging), instant photography (Polaroid cameras) and pictorial printing (from film to offset/litho plates).