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How Website Photography Work


The picture is worth a thousand words. That certainly applies to the photos on your website. With beautifully personalized photos, perfectly handled lighting with every image, creative and great shots, help businesses express themselves better. Two or three professional photos on your website can make a big difference!

Website Photos: Your Website Upgrades

Your website is your company’s digital business card. Many entrepreneurs invest heavily in corporate identities such as logos, color schemes, and layouts. But in the end, you’ll end up using standard photos as images. The photos you can see on other websites like link building services by using high quality content, etc. says much about you as a company, but more is better. Unfortunately, good, unique photos do a lot more!

The photos taken specifically for your website can really show who you are. They can tell your story. The website was enough to set it apart from others. Now it’s about what your website has to offer. Enhance your website with professional photos!

First impression

Often, the first contact with your company is through your website. People come to your website because they are looking for a product or they know your name. What do you see?

The first impression is very important. Beautiful visual elements such as photos and videos work well. Of course, you can combine corporate movies with website photos.

Give your company a face

Who makes up your company? Beautiful pictures of your employees can give your company a face. This helps you gain customer trust because you can see who you are. You can take beautiful portraits of men and women at work, but I can also shoot them in their work environment. The knife cuts in both directions.

For example, get an impressive portrait that you can use on the About Us page, while at the same time getting a photo of the beautiful atmosphere of your company and employees. Taking a photo with an employee can easily be combined with a photo on your website. Turn to your company!

How do photos on the website work?

The first idea is: what do you want to express? Some customers have a clear idea of ​​what they want. Others ask for input. Everything is possible. Discuss and make a plan. Arrange a photo shoot as soon as the intention is clear.

Of course, take pictures at the highest resolution, but in the end, deliver the pictures in a format suitable for your website.