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Photography: Capturing Cars


Find a quiet place, crouch, or turn on GPS. Here are some simple tricks to make a good car photo.

What do you need for a good car photo?

To take good pictures, you need a clean vehicle and a large area with a neutral background. In addition to the location, of course, you’ll need a high-resolution camera or the latest smartphone. The special photo app is suitable for further processing of images. Many of these are paid, so try the different options of the filters and factory apps you have installed first.

Car Preparation for Photos

You need to be careful to prepare your car for photos to make it look good. This includes a thorough car wash and internal cleaning. Also, remove small items that could get in the way of your photos, such as fragrant wood, charging cables, ice scrapers, and old stickers, from your door pocket or center console. It is advisable to wash the particularly dirty floor mats after vacuuming. Next is the window time. Remove the inner and outer streaks and dirt, and don’t forget the inner and outer mirrors. Chromium, aluminum, or stainless steel parts will also look great in the photo when freshly cleaned and polished.

Great Places for Car Photography: What’s in the Background?

If your used car is clean like the earnhardt Honda, find a place where you have space and can take pictures and videos of your car or motorcycle from all directions. Tip: Neutral and large spaces, such as in front of supermarkets, DIY stores, and furniture stores, are perfect for car photography. Space is usually empty after the store is closed or on Sundays.

High-rise parking and underground parking are not bad places either. In the countryside, this can be a driveway to a large meadow or field. It is important that the background is neutral. In other words, you need to stay out of the way of other cars, people, and traffic signs. Tip: Walls, industrial halls, or concrete walls are suitable for car photography. Here you can also shoot the car from all sides outside business hours, like a professional photoshoot.

Important for Light-Time

If the location is suitable for photography, you need to pay attention to light and reflection. Tip: The more light you have from the outside, the better your photos will be, except under the scorching sun at noon. This is because it casts a strong shadow next to the car. If the sun is too bright, you should stop shooting. Early morning or evening, warm light ensures the beautiful colors and good atmosphere of the photo. Your car shows the best side in these blue hours.


Beware of reflections

Car paint and glass reflect all sorts of things in the environment. Make it invisible to paint. However, clouds, branches, leaves, streetlights, and other vehicles can also be reflected in the paint. Potential buyers may get the impression that the paint is damaged or dirty. It doesn’t look good in the photo.

Show the whole car

The right angle, correct viewpoint, correct image section, golden section will make the used car appear in the picture. Do not shoot him diagonally from above with the camera. However, shoot well below eye level. You can shoot flat from all sides, but it will look better if you shoot at an angle of 45 degrees back and forth. Do not use backlights and flashes as they are reflected in windows, headlights, license plates, and paint. Tip: Beautiful photos are created even in weakly diffused light, such as at sunset. This means that you can omit the external light source. The tripod ensures a stable image.