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Right Photos for Business Ads

It doesn’t matter whether you run your content marketing campaign in print or online, the photos that go with your text are at least as important as the text itself. This is especially true for earned media campaigns. Many editors use the photos to decide whether the item offered is even worth considering.

Classic product images and content marketing do not go together. A content marketing text helps the consumer to solve a problem and does not specifically advertise a product. So keep your hands off super-illuminated and cut-out product images.

Important tips for the right photos for marketing water heater installation business

Pay attention to the effect of the photo on your text

It is not what is shown in the photo that is decisive, but how it affects the viewer. The visual effect must match the text. If you provide factual advice in the text, your photo should also radiate serious competence. If the text is about the use of a product or service of water heater installation san diego, use motivating pictures with positive people in a real-life situation. This gives the reader an authentic feeling for your product or service.

Arouse emotions

Emotions play a crucial role in images. They influence the reader’s expectations of the text and your message. So remember that photos are not simple illustrations. The chosen scene, the color of the background, the light, the charisma of the people in the pictures – all this has a great influence on your readers. If you succeed in arousing emotions with the photos accompanying your text, your target group will also feel addressed.

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Ensure good technical quality

The required quality depends on the distribution channel. Print publications have higher resolution requirements. Nevertheless, always have online pictures taken with a good camera and not just with your smartphone. Sharpness and contrast have to be right here and there and the colors have to appear natural. The most common and universally usable image format is JPEG.

Choose the right picture format

The format also depends on the subject, but for photos that accompany your texts, you should always think about where the photos will be published. Prepare the photos in different orientations. In this way, the editor can use the images for the press as well as for the Internet. Landscape format works best in most media. Portrait format is less common, but it fits into some layouts and is often used in print media.