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Different Photography Styles for Newbies

There is a genre for every photographer’s taste and skill level, even if you are just getting into it as a hobby. And there are numerous sub-genres in practically every genre.

The “correct” genre for many amateur photographers is unknown to them. However, you can’t achieve that without trying new things.

Various Styles in Photography

If you’re a novice in photography, look through this list of photography subgenres and discover what grabs your attention. Next, grab your camera and try your best.

Photographic Portraits

One of the most popular types of photography is this one. Someone will ask you to snap a photo of them as soon as you obtain your first camera. Therefore, practicing portrait photography is beneficial and can be your preferred style.

Food Photography

Restaurants have adjusted as fewer people are going out and more are using delivery services. Pictures of food are on social media for every eatery, blogger, and casual cook. This genre might be for you if you’re a gourmet.

Event Photography

The main goal of event photography is to capture memorable moments during social or business gatherings. As you’ll need to snap planned or unplanned pictures of people, locales, or any props used in the event, this genre calls for some photography experience. You must record the incident while also adding creative value.