Jeff Jacobson Photography


Photography Can Change the World


An image has the ability to bring people closer together and inspire transformation.

Photography could serve as a method of social benefit, slowly transforming the world. Picture of Society is a useful reminder that even though our numerous disparities, we can connect as more than just a world community through to the strength of photojournalism.


What Impact Can Photography Have on the World?

Photography is the ultimate tool for realistically capturing our surroundings. The very nature of gathering evidence has influenced how we recall events from our past. Photography has influenced how we remember things, from global events to domestic and familiar occurrences.


Ingredients to Emotions in Photography

The Artist

Camera person, songwriter, percussionist, artist, construction worker, creator, florist, hair stylist, hairdresser, performer… Those who are all motivated to create because they have been moved by something and desire to convey themselves through their work. There really are countless methods for expressing yourself. In photography, it is achieved through topic collection, structure, and articles.

The Topic

Living creatures, the surroundings, luminance, greyness, layering, towns, food culture, ways of life, age, theoretical, structures, situational irony, roadways, interconnections, life forms, and anything else that arises may all be used as feelings amps in photography.