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4 Photography Tips for Taking Motorhome Pictures Properly

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The photos of your motorhome vehicle are the first thing your future renters see. Aside from taking off your noticeably premium motorhome covers, putting the strengths of your motorhome in the foreground through the photos is the guarantee that your ad will arouse the interest of potential tenants and that your vehicle will receive more reservation requests.

We’ll tell you 4 tips to easily enhance your photos to optimize your ad.

1. Number of photos

Since it is not easy to choose a vehicle without having seen it in real life, we recommend that you add as many photos as possible.

The photos are the first trigger of a reservation request. Because if you want to rent a motorhome, first look at the photos and then decide whether you click on the ad.

The vehicles that rent best on camper rental listings usually have at least 9 photos.

2. This is how it works with the photo

  • Prefer horizontal photos: Vertical photos do not flatter your vehicle and are also automatically turned over on our platform.
  • Resolution is important: add sharp photos with at least 638 x 426 pixels and avoid zooming, as this will greatly change the quality of the photos.
  • Prepare for the photo shoot: clean the interior and design everything as if you were renting out the motorhome tomorrow.
  • Take pictures in bright daylight: natural light makes the photos look much more professional. But also pay attention to the background: a photo with a beautiful environment looks more attractive than a photo in your garage.
  • Use photos of your vehicle and not from the manufacturer’s catalog


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3. How to put your motorhome in the limelight

So that your vehicle is even better received by the tenants and they want to rent your motorhome, we recommend that you put your camper in the limelight. Give your future tenants the impression that they are on holiday as soon as they search. Photograph all the equipment that can convince the tenant: barbecue, marquise, bicycle carrier,… These photos reflect the quality of your vehicle.

Photos that you have taken during one of your trips are welcome – the tenants can imagine their own holiday better.

Also, remember to upload enough quality photos of the interior.

4. Order of photos

On top RV rental sites, they have already preset the order of the photos so that you know which photos are most loved to be seen. In your display, there are 9 areas that each match a photo: 3/4 profile in front, view from the rear, driver’s area, dining area, kitchenette, bathroom/toilet, and sleeping places.

The 3/4 profile photo from the front is displayed in the search results.

The 9 sections are there to help you choose your photos. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to put more than 9 photos in your ad. For this purpose, the “Other” section is provided in which you can freely add additional photos. Try to shoot as different photos as possible so as not to have the same type of photos several times.

You will find your photos in your cockpit. You haven’t sorted your photos yet? You can do this under “Unordered Photos” to add them to the “Ordered Photos”.

Your photos are already organized? Then don’t hesitate to add more photos in the “Other” section or improve your photos with the help of our tips.