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10 Ways to Leverage Instagram for Photographers

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Of course, it’s bursting with social networks on the internet and you can’t participate in everything. For photographers, however, it is smart to participate in Instagram. After all, this network is all about photos and has the chance of getting more followers through providers. In this article 10 tips for every photographer who gets started with Instagram.

1. Public profile

They are there, photographers who are active on Instagram, but who have closed their profiles. With a closed profile, you must first request access before you can see the photos with such a profile.

Photographers who turn this on have apparently overlooked the whole usefulness of Instagram for promoting their photography. Your profile must of course be publicly accessible so that everyone can admire your work!

2. Skip the family photos

Many Instagrammers use their Instagram account to throw selfies into the world or photos of their everyday life. However, unless you are already familiar with a fan base, most visitors to your profile will not be waiting for these photos.

As a photographer, I would therefore advise you not to post family photos on your Instagram. After all, you want to show your photo work. So be sure to post your best photos on your Instagram account.

I myself once started posting family photos (with Instagram filters) that I had made with my iPhone. However, those weren’t exactly photos that show what kind of photos I can take. In the meantime, I have removed them all from Instagram.

3. Choose one topic

My most important tip for Instagram is to choose one topic. What is your Instagram account about? Make sure that (almost) all your posts are about this topic.

For example, I only post portrait photos on my Instagram account. If you build up a load of followers on that, they will quickly lose weight when I suddenly start posting landscape photos or architecture.

That’s not why they started following me. Make sure your followers see what they expect. It’s okay to deviate once in a while, but one look at your profile should immediately make it clear what kind of photos you’re taking.


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4. Don’t use filters

Instagram has of course become known for its Instagram filters. There are even children born who are named after the names of these filters.

They were pretty fun, those filters. However, it gets bored quickly. My advice is to post photos as you normally would, without Instagram filters.

I just take my photos with my Canon. I edit them with Lightroom (and sometimes Photoshop) and then I select my favorites which I then copy to my iPhone and so on to Instagram.

The edited photos can be directly on Instagram without a filter and are exactly as I intended them. Of course, you don’t want a filter over that anymore.

5. Put your location in your profile

Instagram is global. You as a photographer probably don’t work worldwide. So it is smart to add your location to your Instagram profile. This way people immediately know whether or not you live nearby.

This is useful, for example, when they want to rent in you or when they want to work with you.

6. No photos over multiple posts

It looks pretty cool; such a photo that covers several photos. When you look at someone’s timeline, it does stand out. It is also actually quite a nice way to make a panorama stand out.