Jeff Jacobson Photography


Exciting Methods and Advice for Photographers

One of the greatest feelings a photographer can have is when they finally figure out a new technique they’ve been struggling with. To get out of a creative rut and into a world of fresh opportunities, learning new photographic methods is a great place to start.

Quick-Time-Lapse Photography

High-speed photography is fascinating because it may capture events that happen too quickly for the human eye to detect. Taking high-speed photos requires a steady tripod, a small aperture, a flash, as well as a lot of time.

Photographing at Night

As night falls, the party really gets going. After nightfall, there is a plethora of wildlife to photograph. A very slow shutter speed and a tripod or other stable surface are required for taking sharp photos at night. Experiment with the rule of thirds as well; this is one area where tried-and-true compositional methods hold up nicely.

Using a Method of “Forced Perspective”

The visual effect of forced perspective is humorous because it plays with the viewer’s sense of depth. You may create the illusion of depth in a forced perspective photograph by making the focal point of the shot disproportionately big or tiny. To achieve this, try out different poses and camera angles. Have a good time!