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Some Ideas on How to Find the Best Photography Locations

Nowadays, the best way to enhance your photography skills is to capture images taken in locations that can inspire you to be creative in presenting landscapes. Those who have a burning desire to create the best photography for exhibits, or for showcasing fashion and other products, develop not only photo-taking techniques but also ways for finding the best location.

When capturing images in locations, it’s understood that you have the eye, the photography skills, the right equipment and the genuine desire to uncover a more in-depth presentation of a certain location. Bear in mind that when looking for a location, nothing is perfect, and it doesn’t always have to be a nature-related environment.

Locations can simply be part of a photograph’s narrative about the place itself or of a person, a garment, a car or any product whose creation was influenced by other elements. That is why it’s important not to lose sight of the features and elements you are looking for when choosing a location.

Examples of Sources of Ideas for Photography Locations

The idea of using available resources to look for a photography location is to save time and of course money, when checking out areas. While there are a variety of photography websites and apps that feature locations shared by other photography buffs, the downside to using their suggestions is that your work could end up having the same elements.

Use Google Earth

First off, it should be clear that Google Earth is different from Google Maps, which is one of the best tools to use when scouting for places without the need to leave your home base. Through the 3D mode, you are provided with clearer details of views at both eye and elevated levels.

Moreover, Google Earth’s time-slider can give you previews of where shadows fall during different times of the day. Knowing so allows for better planning and scheduling once a site has been chosen for a photography shoot. Planning may include arranging for a transport vehicle that is not too small but big enough to carry the planned props and equipment.

Get Ideas from Instagram Photos

Get ideas from photos shared in Instagram as they can also be useful when scouting for places that are relevant to your subject and narrative. If in case a certain Instagram post was taken in a location that looks interesting to you, simply type the address to check if it’s already a popular location for pictorials. After all, Instagram is quite the favorite when it comes to photo sharing and you might prefer those that have not been photographed too many times before.

Join Biking, Hiking or Outdoor Sports Clubs

While most photography buffs join other photographers via photo clubs, some photo enthusiasts prefer to join cycling, hiking or any outdoor sports groups so they can make their own discoveries. In most cases, there are locations near you that merely requires a closer look to reveal its potential as a great photography location.