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How Players Can Become Photographers Playing ‘New Pokémon Snap’



The role-playing games of the Pokémon series are classics, just like the great ones you can find at PC Games Downloads. In “New Pokémon Snap”, however, it is now about finding the perfect photos instead of collecting and fighting. Success depends on attitude and the right poses.

Time has passed since Nintendo released Pokémon Snap, one of the most popular spin-offs in the Pokémon series, for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. More than 20 years later, “New Pokémon Snap”, the successor to Nintendo Switch, has now been released.

“New Pokémon Snap” has little in common with the well-known gameplay of the main series. Instead of collecting Pokémon in a big world and competing with them in battles, it’s much more relaxed here. ThePokémonhunt here is a hunt for the best picture.

Players become photographers who set out to find and capture Pokémon in their natural environment. The photos taken during the course of the game will be evaluated by Professor Mirror after each tour. Each snapshot can receive up to four stars, depending on the result.


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The principle of “Pokémon Snap” changes little

How well one’s own work performs depends on the attitude captured. To elicit rare poses and activities from the Pokémon, they can be bribed with a velvet apple. The illuminating Lumina sphere can trigger special actions. More exciting poses naturally give better ratings.

“New Pokémon Snap” changes little on the principle of its predecessor from 1999. While sharing over the net was not technically feasible at the time, this is different in the 2021 edition: The photos of the cute to absurd-looking monsters can be publicly posted and rated with filters and effects.

If the Pokémon role-playing games are perhaps too hectic and time-consuming for you, “New Pokémon Snap” is a much more relaxed introduction to the world of pocket monsters: walk, sneak up, attract – and “click”.