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Images & Video Content Marketing

Today, consumers are exposed to an almost limitless flood of information. A solitary, small moment is sufficient whether your message is noticed or not. Anyone who bores their potential customers or users with meaningless content must expect to lose them. However, visual content marketing is the solution.

Images and visual content marketing

Visual content marketing means the provision of all visual content on the website or on various social media channels. Videos, photos, motion graphics, and slideshows are just a few ways companies can visually support their storytelling. Visual information is not only a way to stand out from the competition but also offers a way to be noticed by potential consumers more quickly.

Scientific studies have proven that the human brain can perceive and process visual content 60,000 times faster than pure text elements. It’s been estimated that video has made up 65% of all internet traffic in the past years. A majority of these videos feature cute little cat videos that warm your hearts.

Some entrepreneurs have already recognized that videos still work and are very well received by the community. Video content projects are becoming increasingly important and are already a fixed part of marketing strategies to win new customers. Entrepreneurs can also create an audio file for marketing from their video content. You can do this through convert youtube to mp3 tool.

convert youtube to mp3 file

Why it’s best to get started with video content marketing today

  • The video “play” button is the most popular form of call-to-action on the web
  • Videos give companies an emotional touch
  • The effort is less than expected
  • Technical barriers were yesterday
  • The video trend is not to stop

In theory, it all sounds very simple and nice. But be careful. Visual content marketing poses a great challenge for companies. Comprehensive knowledge and know-how about users and their surfing behavior on the World Wide Web is not only required for the creation of content relevant to the target group or the use of suitable channels. Visual content marketing projects require a lot of time and know-how. It is therefore advisable to get a professional partner at your side.

Experts offer comprehensive services related to moving photos. Whether product or company presentations, experts will provide you with appropriate advice and the implementation of effective video content projects together with film experts.